Hiking Mt. Fentale

Situated at the northwestern edge of Awash NP, Mt. Fentale towers majestically over the surrounding lowlands being 2007 m in height a.s.l. The crater on top is approximately 3.5 km in diameter and offers a panoramic view.  From here it is possible to see steam rising from the many geothermal vents on the sides of the mountain. The best time to see this phenomenon is during the cool time of the morning, which is also the best time to climb the mountain. The climb itself leads through Acacia dominated slopes and offers some breathtaking views. Once you have reached the top and if luck is on your side, it is possible to see pairs of Egyptian vultures, Lammergeyers and other raptors flying beneath you. Currently, it is not possible to drive to the top of the mountain as the road needs maintenance, but parking is available at the base of the mountain in the north, where local guides are willing to guide you up the mountain.  The walk to the top of the mountain is relatively easy and the hike to the peak should take between 2:30-3:00 hrs.  

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