Avian diversity

When it comes to birds, Awash area has the greatest diversity of any National Parks in Ethiopia with more than 473 species. The variety in habitats, both aquatic (Metehara/Beseka Lake, Filoha hot springs and Awash River) and terrestrial, provide an excellent platform to watch and study a variety of migrant and resident birds. One can see species of herons, egrets, ibises, storks, ducks, vultures, francolins, plovers, doves, bee-eaters, hornbills, nightjars, barbets, woodpeckers, larks and pipits, rock chats and wheatears, sunbirds, starlings, weavers, seedeaters and six species of bustards (Black-bellied, White-bellied, Buff-crested, Kori, Hartlaub's and Arabian). The endemic Yellow-throated Serine and other 5 near-endemic birds are known from the park. 

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