Prices for the Services

Guide Service Prices

Trekking around the Lodge: US$ 3.00/person for up to 4 persons & US$ 2.50/person for > 4 persons
Illalla Sala Plains: US$ 10.00 per car
Filwuha Hot springs: US$ 25.00 per car
Allideghi: US$ 40.00 up to 4 persons & US$ 50.00 more than 4 persons
Hyena Cave: US$ 3.00 per person, nearby the Lodge and/or US$30.00 per car at Metehara Hyena Park
Mt. Fentale: US$ 70.00 up to 4 persons & US$ 80.00 more than 4 persons
Mt. Fentale (camping over night): US$ 100.00 up to 4 persons & US$ 120.00 for > 4 persons
Sabure Market Day: US$ 50.00 up to 4 persons & US$ 70.00 for more than 4 persons
Prices include services of: Tour guide, community fee and a scout
Prices do not include: Tips to guide and scout, food and drinks, prices for photos, and any item of personal nature

Hiring a car: We rent vehicles with fair rates from US$120.00 to US$160.00. This charge includes a driver per diem and fuel costs but excludes VAT. The exchange rate of USD to Birr (Ethiopian currency) relies on the current rate.

N.B. The Lodge has its own professional guides; we cannot take any responsibility for any menace happened by other unqualified locals.

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